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The company was established in 2014 and registered in the Iraqi Ministry of Trade / Companies Registration Department with the license numbered M-02- 000086595 on 11/5/2014, which is a license to transport express mail inside and outside Iraq with all its types, with a license from the company for postal and savings - the Iraqi Ministry of Communications ,

Headquartered in Baghdad, we have branches in five governorates (Babylon - Karbala - Najaf - Basra - Erbil), the company also owns a fleet of vehicles, vehicle tracking, an advanced system in the management of shipments, these systems have excellent services in the safe, fast and reliable management of shipments from Through the network of branches and delegates with the fleet of vehicles.

The company provides express mail service from Iraq to the countries of the world, the postal service in the United States, the Emirates, the company provides its services to individuals, companies, banking institutions and others.


Excellent services .. Reliable, Fast, Safe service


It includes the collection of products to reduce weight, repackaging the products, weekly shipping and payment upon receipt with home delivery service. For inquiries and address request, please Register 

Buy For Me

It includes purchase and delivery from international websites with simple commissions and home delivery. There are several options for ordering products.

Please send products to [email protected]

Online Parcel Tracking and Adding Service

Through the website, Shipments can be added from the sender. This service provides the possibility of requesting a courier to receive the shipments, as well as the possibility of tracking shipments. To request account activation, please contact customer service or Singin

Mobile Application

Our customers can download the company's phone application to follow the status of shipments and know the account balance online and with live updates

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Shipping Calculator

You can calculate delivery charges from here

prohibited items

Prohibited Item 

  • US PO Box

    1. All kinds of cigarettes, tobacco, molasses and all accessories of electronic and regular hookahs.
    2. Coins of all kinds, metal and paper, electronic payment cards and checks.
    3. Proteins, nutritional supplements and vitamins cannot be shipped and any medical devices.
    4. Weapons of all kinds and their accessories, equipment, tools and accessories of weapons, including hunting weapons.
    5. Chemicals, medicines, drugs, dried herbal materials and flammable materials, including (nail dyes - pigment and makeup removers - perfumes - fresheners and disease-carrying materials - tattoo devices and their accessories).
    6. Explosives - fireworks - fire extinguisher - dynamite.
    7. Collagen of all kinds.
    8. Alcoholic substances (beverages and their accessories).
    9. Gambling equipment and devices (poker - chips and lottery cards).
    10. Spy watches, cameras, spy pens, tracking devices, audio recording devices, and drones (with or without a camera).
    11. Sex toys and pornography, including films and publications.

  • International Shipments

    Cosmetics - perfumes - food materials - medicines - silver and gold - alcoholic materials - liquid materials - military documents - checks for money - electronic cards (Visa Card or Master Card).

  • Domestic Shipments

    Foodstuffs - medicines - silver and gold - alcoholic materials - weapons and tools.

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